Mindfulness for coaches

Mindfulness for Coaches – A One Day WorkshopMindfulness for Coaches 1

The aims and objectives of this one day workshop introduces Coaches to Mindfulness and its impact on well-being, and the quality of your coaching conversations and interactions.

By the end of this workshop Coaches will:

  • Be aware of the evidence base and science for mindfulness and its positive impact on:
    • Personal well being, concentration, resilience and emotional intelligence
    • Coaching outcomes
    • Organisational benefits including reduced stress, increased resilience, greater staff engagement, reduced sickness absence, enhanced performance and leadership capability
  • Know the origins of Mindfulness and its relevance today
  • Be introduced to 3 Mindfulness Practices for incorporating into daily life
  • Understand how and why Mindfulness can help us be more effective Coaches
  • Know where to find out more about Mindfulness

Topics  included on the day will include:

  • The science of Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness practices including the Body scan, Mindfulness of Breathing and the 3 part breathing space
  • Being on auto-pilot
  • The difference between being and doing
  • Mindfulness and coaching
  • Everyday mindfulness
  • Taking mindfulness further