Have you ever driven somewhere and arrived at your destination only to realise you remember vey little about your journey? Most people have. This is a typical example of being in “autopilot.” In our busy lives we easily lose awareness of the present moment and we are caught up in our heads, thinking about the past or anticipating the future. Consequently we may fail to notice the good things about our lives and ignore important messages from our bodies.

Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to our present moment experiences with open-hearted curiosity; helping us recognise and step away from habitual, often unconscious, emotional and physiological reactions to everyday events. It is a simple practice that can significantly increase the quality of our lives and work in a short space of time.

Practicing mindfulness allows us to be fully present in our life and work, improving our personal wellbeing and enhancing our relationships. In fact there is mounting research evidence that shows that mindfulness practice can lead to:

  • Improved insight, openess, balance and clarity
  • Greater presence and authenticity
  • Increased energy and better physical and psychological wellbeing
  • Expanded awareness, greater creativity and more joyful living
  • Better resilience, increased calmness and feeling less stressed or worried
  • Greater empathy and kindness toward self and others

If you’d like to know more about mindfulness and how we can help you develop a practice contact us or check out our open courses.