A Pathway to Cultural Wisdom: A Mindful Approach to Unconscious Bias & Inclusion


This workshop is a chance to explore and learn how to adopt a compassionate approach to  inclusion, diversity and unconscious bias, gently supporting  our capacity  to remain engaged with relevant diversity and inclusion topics, and  bring our full human experience into the process; a chance to deepen and broaden our understanding of contemporary diversity issues through the lens of cultural wisdom. It is through these deeper insights we learn how to act with compassion and authenticity, as well as knowing how best to shine a spotlight on the root causes of inequity and injustice.

By the end of the day you will have had an opportunity to explore, better understand and have practiced ways to promote and engage in compassionate approaches to inclusion and diversity, including:

  • Understanding how cultural wisdom differs from cultural awareness, intelligence and competence.
  • Awareness of the qualities of cultural wisdom
  • Having an experiential understanding of mindfulness & contemplative inquiry and how these approaches can be used in developing cultural wisdom
  • Understanding how Cultural Wisdom can be cultivated through mindfulness
  • Being introduced to mindfulness based approaches to inclusion that can be applied in the workplace

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Full price £144 

Public sector/voluntary sector £72 

Self-funding offer – £36

Includes: All training materials, refreshments and lunch

(prices inclusive of VAT)